Staying in Rome: the story of the Eternal City from the terrace of the Hotel Colosseum

If you are about to stay in the Eternal City, there are many beautiful and comfortable hotels offering complete and interesting services, but if you want to enjoy and get lost in a breathtaking view impossible to resist and especially to forget, then you just have to spend some wonderful days at the Hotel Colosseum.

Hotel Colosseum and its strategic position

The Hotel Colosseum enjoys a strategic and one-of-a-kind position, allowing you to have many attractions and beauties of the city around you, such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Fori Imperiali, the Colosseum, the Church of Santa Maria ai Monti, the Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli - hosting the statue of Moses, undisputed masterpiece of Michelangelo Buonarroti - the Trevi Fountain and the Opera Theatre. Moreover, it is located near the Cavour underground station - just 5 minutes away from there - and the Colosseo underground station - just 12 minutes far. Its main feature - the one that made it famous throughout the city - is its location on the top of the Esquiline hill. So, walking around the hotel means discovering clubs, antique shops, restaurants, and admiring its picturesque and special lanes. You will certainly be enthusiastic and it will be one of the most beautiful holidays of your life.

Elegant and comfortable rooms

Choosing a room at the Hotel Colosseum always creates a great spoilt of choice, because all of them are very elegant and full of charm and above all, provided with useful services, such as Wi-Fi and the panoramic terrace where you can admire the majestic Colosseum and its wonderful lights by night, offering a wonderful show, as indeed is the whole city of Rome is. Various types of rooms are waiting for you: you can book the double, triple, quadruple and single rooms: the Hotel Colosseum always tries to satisfy the needs of its customers. It has 50 Italian typical classic styled rooms, where absolutely nothing lacks, such as strongbox, satellite TV, telephone and bath with shower or bathtub. Some of them have a balcony on the historical part of the area. A pleasant panorama will cheer your stays carrying harmony and astonishment.

A comfortable, relaxing and amusing stay

The Hotel Colosseum offers the necessary comfort since the beginning of the stay, in order to allow its customers to enjoy safe and relaxing moments. Your stay will be unforgettable, as you will be able to taste the best cocktails or drinks at the bar, and spend your time chatting. In addition to it, you will be offered an excellent room service you will be able to enjoy on one of the wonderful panoramic terraces belonging to the rooms. The aperitif in private rooms is a service the hotel offers to the customer, taking care of any detail to ensure they feel pampered and privileged. And, if you want to keep up on the web, Wi-Fi service is available on all the floors and also on the panoramic terraces. One of the services the hotel offers and, certainly its strong point, is the rent of bikes and scooters. You can visit Rome by these two means and enjoy every moment of magic the city offers, around its streets and lanes.

Around Rome with a tourist guide or with organized tours

Going around Rome without knowing, especially if it's your first time, would make you risk to get lost. The Hotel Colosseum offers a skilled tourist guide, speaking several languages, who will accompany you around Rome without any difficulty, telling you a bit of history and the secrets of the monuments and attractions you will visit. Just book it, and you can start your safe stay. An extraordinary service that allows the hotel guests to fully enjoy the city of Rome, without losing anything. The hotel also plans tours for all those who want to move in a group and not miss the opportunity to spend a fun and carefree stay. A 360 degrees tour of Rome you will not resist.

Hospitality and courtesy on hand

Rome knows the Hotel Colosseum for its versatility, its high number of services and above all for the hospitality it offers to its customers: unique and perfect. Staying at the Hotel Colosseum means feeling at home and enjoying unforgettable moments of relaxation. You will feel comfortable and, in case of health problems, an emergency doctor is available to solve the problems as soon as possible.

A hotel loved by its guests

Staying at this hotel has many advantages: in addition to the always affordable rates, you can have Rome on hand. If you love nightlife, you can stay out as much as you want, because as already mentioned, the hotel is located in one of the most beautiful and popular areas of the city, where the clubs are open till late evening. All these features allowed it to gain a worthy reputation and to obtain numerous positive reviews by users expressing their opinion. Some liked it so much they go back there as soon as they can, because they love everything about it.

The perfect atmosphere around the Hotel Colosseum

The panorama the Hotel Colosseum offers can hardly be found elsewhere. The beauty of Rome, its charm, the courtesy and hospitality of this hotel are the perfect conditions for an unforgettable and wonderful stay. Rome never tires, indeed it culturally and personally enriches you, and a complete tour is a great and fascinating challenge is worth of being experienced. The atmosphere around the Hotel Colosseum is one-of-a-kind, from there you can start the tour to explore even the smallest details of the Eternal City. If it gained this name it is because it really deserves it, because walking through its streets means entering the immense, the eternal and also the magic. Book a room at the Hotel Colosseum now, and enjoy the whole show of the most beautiful city in the world. If you want to enjoy the majesty of Rome, you cannot miss the stay at the Hotel Colosseum to get the chance of having Rome at your feet but admiring it... from above.

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