Staying in Rome: nuances of hospitality at the Hotel Colosseum

Rome: unmissable experience for a traveler

The charm of Rome isn't questionable. Unique and extraordinary, rich in ancient history and traditions, this city with thousand facets cannot miss among the destinations of a traveler. It is not a cliché: knowing Rome is a very peculiar experience. Walking in history certainly isn't strange in Italy, as any corner or region offers interesting attractions about a fascinating past, but Rome is something different. All those who had the opportunity to know at least some facets of the capital can witness how engaging the experience was. Rome conquers and kidnaps, leaving memories and emotions that can't be confused with those of other places. In addition to the emotions the eternal city offers the impeccable hospitality doesn't miss. A stay in a hotel able to make its guests feel at home, looked after with professionalism, but also with the typical friendliness of the Roman people is the perfect union with the beauties of Rome.

The charm of Rome

Imagine a day spent walking surrounded by the Roman Forums, admiring the Colosseum and discovering some of the several wonders that Rome hides in any corner. Daydream about the emotion you will experience when, during a simple walk, you will suddenly find yourself in front of the breathtaking Trevi Fountain. What will your soul be like as you descend from Trinità dei Monti? All the sensations and emotions the soul feels during a stay in Rome need to be assimilated. What better place than a hotel immersed in the Roman atmosphere, not only for the environment but also for the location? A terrace overlooking the most emblematic beauties of the capital is the most suitable place to rest at sunset, letting Rome enter your heart.

Hotel Colosseum

There are so many corners of Rome deserving to be visited. Those who want to stay in a hotel in the centre of one of the most beautiful areas of the capital, but also positioned to ensure a peaceful rest, choose the Hotel Colosseum. The reasons for making this hotel the basis of your Roman stay are several and valid.
First of all, the location: the Hotel Colosseum is located in Monti district, on the Esquiline Hill. The district is the oldest one in the city and the hotel boasts an exceptional panorama, with a bird's-eye view of the wonders of Rome. From the furnished terrace, sipping a drink, your eyes will travel from the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore to the Colosseum, to the Fori Imperiali, ranging over San Giovanni, the Quirinale Palace and the Altare della Patria. Admiring the nuances of the Roman sky on the terrace of the Hotel Colosseum is an almost indescribable experience, but anyone who loves feelings of well-being and relaxation can imagine how pleasant it is.

Visiting Rome, expectations and proposals

If you asked a regular traveller what they would like to see in Rome, you would have dozens of different answers, because there are so many wonders in this city that everyone finds his own specific reason. Archaeological Rome fascinates, but a tour through the streets of the centre certainly is an interesting experience, able of making many people happy. There are those who want to admire the paintings by Caravaggio and those who get caught by the religious atmosphere the city of Rome offers in a thousand facets, not only visiting the Vatican.
The capital is also much more: the residences of the Risorgimento with well-kept parks, a true paradise for botany lovers, the famous squares, from the famous Piazza di Spagna to Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, Piazza Farnese, up to the several castles and towers, evidences of military architecture, an integral part of the Rome of the past. The city can satisfy every type of tourist and traveller offering ideas and proposals, while the reception, necessary and complementary to the well-being of a tourist, is ensured by hotels that take care of their customers with professionalism and warmth.

Hotel Colosseum: the hospitality benchmark in Rome

The main aim of the Hotel Colosseum is to satisfy guests in all their expectations, proposing suitable accommodations for individual needs. Its position is perfectly comfortable. Despite being in the centre of the city, in Monti district you can enjoy silence and tranquility, what you need after an intense day walking along the city streets. Single, double, triple or quadruple rooms satisfy all desires, combining variety and completeness of services for a competitive price.
The hotel staff is available for any information and it offers its expertise to the guests' requests. At the Hotel Colosseum you can enjoy the indispensable comfort, such as Wi-fi network, satellite TV, room service, and a discounted parking. The panoramic terrace is one of the most appreciated features of the accommodation: when the weather allows it, the terrace bar offers a wide selection of drinks to enjoy, especially by night, the marvel of the view of Rome from... the top! Breakfast includes a wide selection of proposals, to satisfy any eating habits, from sweet to savory.

Easy and thrilling itineraries

From the Hotel Colosseum, it is possible to move on foot towards the Colosseum or the Fori Imperiali, along typical streets, crossing trendy or rich in tradition bars. The most expert travellers know walking is the best way to understand a culture, but also the lifestyle of a people. Listening to the dialect, interacting with people means immersing yourself in the reality of a place.
But Rome is large and it deserves to be known as much as possible. The Hotel Colosseum is 10-minutes by feet from Termini station and it takes less than an hour by taxi from the airport. The hotel staff is skilled and available to suggest places to visit and how to get there, museums, attractions of all kinds, including trendy clubs or peculiar restaurants. There is no need to explain why Rome deserves a visit, but it is useful to know the Hotel Colosseum will make it unforgettable.

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