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Imagine yourself on a warm evening, during the summer months in Rome: maybe you have just spent the whole day visiting the beauties of the Eternal City and what you want is to maintain that feeling of wellness and magic the city left you. One of the best ways to round off the day certainly is to enjoy an aperitif on the terrace of the Hotel Colosseum from where you can see Rome.

Aperitifs on the terrace in Rome, an increasingly widespread habit

The habit of taking an aperitif on the terrace has become increasingly common, so much so that especially in the most visited cities of Italy like Rome, some of the most popular destinations are those offering the best aperitifs with a panorama. It is a way to continue the visit or simply to look at the city where you live by a different point of view: not only tourist or the traveler can choose this solution, indeed for citizens another perspective of the city can be interesting. Since aperitifs on the terrace can often be converted into occasions to over-charge prices due to the panorama feature - although a higher figure compared to traditional aperitifs certainly is to be taken into account - some international places offer experiences based on the same criteria in each city, therefore not valuing the uniqueness of Rome. Making a research, instead, you can find aperitifs on the terrace overlooking the Roman hills even at a very reasonable price, such as the terrace of the Hotel Colosseum.

A terrace over Rome: the view of the Hotel Colosseum

What makes our 3-star hotel unique certainly is its ability to intercept the trends of a constantly evolving market, interpreting the needs of the individual traveler within spaces that can functionally collect different needs. Our equipped rooftop is accessible to guests throughout the year. It is a place where it will be easy to relax, escaping from everyday Roman life, often exhausting especially for those who visit it and are not used to it. The Eternal City has a great offer but often, in order to gain access to its beauties, it also requires the visitor gets accustomed to a lifestyle that many consider hectic. This is why a terrace over the city from a privileged position impresses the guests' memories, offering beautiful experiences with an environment where enjoying the evening is very easy.

A view embracing Rome

Just the view of the Eternal City will leave you breathless: from the terrace of the Hotel Colosseum, you can actually see the typical rooftops of Rome, arranged in harmonious and romantic compositions, with peculiarities such as the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums and the unmissable domes of the basilicas. Moreover, those who wish to turn their gaze towards the horizon will be able to see the gentle hills typical of the Castelli Romani, inviting the visitor to extend their tour to their surroundings. Hotel Colosseum is a real terrace on a unique panorama: the vastness of what you can embrace by your eyes, directly from the terrace, can really leave you speechless. Thanks to its structure, the Hotel Colosseum very large terrace represents a unique strength worth of a visit itself. Thanks to this awareness, our staff made the most of this space, identifying different solutions to allow you to customize the experience, to enjoy the beauty of Rome from the top.

Sip a cocktail watching the city: the bar

On the terrace of the Hotel Colosseum in Rome, the bar is designed to accommodate the trend of the typical Roman tourist season. This is why it is open from March to November, with on-site staff always available and a rich selection of drinks. As for the winter period, out of season guests can still enjoy their drinks directly on the terrace. The only difference is orders must be done at the hall bar: the staff will be available for those who want to enjoy the terrace even in winter. Ultimately, this is a perfect space to enjoy truly special cocktails, made by experienced and passionate staff, accompanied by tasty and typical snacks. This is one of the best ways to end a long day visiting Rome, whatever the reason for the visit is. The terrace offers great freedom to those who want to enjoy this space: carefully selected and arranged ornamental plants, luxurious bougainvilleand beautiful flower vases are the frame where the visitor has the opportunity to live this context in their own way. For example, for those who want to have fun finding every monument they can recognize, you can sit on the benches made along the parapets on which comfortable cushions are placed. A solution that invites you to make friends, an important aspect especially when you are on vacation and you can do it outside your traditional context. Yet, there are also many travellers, such as couples, who, after looking at the monuments, want to look directly at the eyes of their loved one and take advantage of the Roman break to enjoy each other's company. Tables with romantic candles will offer an intimacy with the panorama of Roman roofs in the background. Whatever your idea of travel is, if you want information on our terrace - one of the factors that contributed to make us recognized as a structure of excellence in Rome in 2018 - you can contact the reception: the staff will be particularly happy to answer your questions.

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